Fake Science: A Unit for Examination of Science in the Media

The media is all around us, and informs our opinions and impressions of the world every day. This is especially true for science reporting, and children should know how to regard media representations of scientific discoveries, theories and public information with a critical eye. This sequence of lessons aims to facilitate pupils’ deeper engagement with such content.

This poster will be presented at the RSE Conference on Interdisciplinary Learning in January.

Featured Image © NASA 1969, modified with original photo © Nick Hood 2011

The History of Scottish Forests

In this unit we will be looking back at the history of Scottish forests, looking first at the ways in which the trees first populated Scotland after the last ice age. From there we will look at events which have impacted upon forest populations before looking at how the forests of today are used now. Pupils will be encouraged to research topics of interest. The main focus of this unit will be climate change and how this will effect our forests. This unit will also deal with a theoretical situation in which the ice has melted from the polar ice caps and places such as Greenland.

Download the poster here (pdf, 806KB).