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Illusions: things aren’t always as they seem...

12 Nov 2021 created by Emily Hill » Biology, Chemistry, Design and Technology, Health and Wellbeing, Literacy, Numeracy, Physics, Social Studies
Illusions: things aren’t always as they seem...

Perceptions control how we experience our world; they are the tools which we use to interact and gain an understanding of the environment around us. Illusions are distortions of our perceptions. People often think that illusions are simply tricks that provide entertainment. However, the delusions they can create come in many forms, often obstructing our brain’s ability to determine what is real from what is imagined. During this unit of work, students will use a variety of interdisciplinary learning lessons to understand different types of illusions and how they influence their daily lives.

The aim of this unit is to engage students in interdisciplinary learning to enhancing their conceptual understanding of several topics. By engaging with consumer and climate issues this meets the CfE’s desire to have sustainability implemented across the curriculum. This unit has wider implications for students across Scotland, using a variety of pedagogies to encourage students to critically think about the validity of information presented to them and the impact it can have on our society.

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