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Scottish Wildcats

20 Nov 2019 created by Dean Crawford » English, History, Science, RME
Scottish Wildcats

This unit of work is designed to introduce pupils to the rarest carnivore in Scotland, the Scottish wildcat. This creature is almost extinct in Scotland but recent conservation projects are trying to prevent the final disappearance of a species that has survived on the British Isles for millennia.

Pupils will carry out a number of tasks across a wide range of subject disciplines to gain a deeper understanding about the issues facing the Scottish wildcat and will learn about the cultural influence the mammal has had in Scotland.

The Scottish government has emphasised the value in interdisciplinary learning and this has been implemented to allow the pupils to think about the peril of the species from a variety of perspectives. There are also opportunities for numeracy, literacy, and health and wellbeing development. The outdoor learning session, provided in partnership with Scottish Natural Heritage will allow pupils to imagine the life of a Scottish wildcat, while gaining valuable social and team working skills.

Should we let this species filter away or should we do all we can to preserve its place in Scotland? The pupils will decide!

Featured image by Peter Trimming from Croydon, England CC BY 2.0

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