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Aye, Iodine!

13 Nov 2019 created by Lewis Fenton » Science, Chemistry, Biology, Health and Wellbeing, Social Studies, Gaelic
Aye, Iodine!

This presentation proposes an interdisciplinary project which focuses on Iodine: its use in chemistry demonstrations, importance to health, and its extraction from seaweed related to the history of the Scottish kelp industry.

In this unit leaners will:

  • Explore the chemistry of Iodine through hands-on practical activity of extracting it from seaweed and carrying out the iodine clock experiment, both RSC recommended.
  • Witness impressive demonstrations of iodine sublimation and the violent reaction of aluminium and iodine catalysed by a drop of water, both RSC recommended.
  • Through a specially designed game discover the cultural, economic and political forces that led to the development of the Scottish seaweed harvesting industry and the decline of the communities that relied on it.
  • Learn about the thyroid gland and the endocrine system, its role in the human body and how important iodine is for its function. Using scientific reasoning pupils will explore the Scottish population’s dietary iodine and investigate which groups are at risk of developing complications related to this.

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