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Should Wolves be re-introduced to Scotland?

13 Nov 2018 created by Isobel Turley » Science, Social Studies, Literacy, Numeracy
Should Wolves be re-introduced to Scotland?

This is a project that examines the question of “rewilding”, specifically, whether wolves should be re-introduced into Scotland. Pupils develop science, history, geography and literacy knowledge and skills in this innovative and relevant unit. The unit addresses:

Sustainability – the impact of deforestation and hunting on Scotland’s historical ecosystems, and the long-term consequences of this (e.g. Red Deer as a pest species)

Citizenship – re-introducing wolves would be restoring a key part of Scotland’s historic identity, but this may be in conflict with its modern-day values and economic systems

Outdoor Learning – including a trip to the Highland Wildlife Park would add enormous value to this unit of lessons as the students could see real-life wolves and deer. This would greatly enhance the relevance of the unit as they can see the stages of food chains and begin to understand the ecosystems and habitats that Scottish wolves would have lived in.