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Pallet Transformation

27 Jun 2016 » Biology, Design and Technology
Pallet Transformation

There are currently millions of pallets in circulation across the UK. The industry itself is worth over £260 million per year. After their initial use a variety of things can happen to a pallet: it can be discarded and put to landfill; reused multiple times and then put to landfill; refurbished, reused but it still ends up in landfill.

Up-cycling is a greener way of recycling, it only uses the individual’s energy. It helps to stop the linear path that the pallets are currently on and turns it into a cyclic process with little waste after manufacture. This unit is designed to encourage learners to take products that have become redundant or that are destined for the bin and create a new use for them.

For more details, download the presentation here (.pptx, 985KB).